Are there any side effects of taking modafinil?


Due to the potential side effects of modafinil, patients should be closely watched while receiving medication.


Although modafinil’s pharmacokinetic profile is yet unknown, it is known that it can raise the risk of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events. Patients on Modafinil had a higher risk of stroke in one study, however the outcomes of these investigations varied.

Additionally, the R-isomer and the S-isomer of modafinil have different pharmacokinetic profiles. With a peak plasma concentration two to four hours after delivery, the R-isomer has a longer half-life than the S-isomer.

Modafinil dosage needs to be decreased to lower any potential cardiovascular risk. Blood pressure is known to rise when taking the medication, which can be harmful for people with cardiovascular disease.


Humans who use the pharmaceutical medication modafinil report being more awake and aware. It works in a dose-dependent manner to increase wakefulness and alertness. It enhances electrophysiological changes that show enhanced alertness and objective markers of wakefulness.

This makes it only appropriate for those whose narcolepsy diagnosis has been established.
Additionally, Modvigil 200mg raises blood pressure and heart rate.

Aggression and irritation may also rise as a result. As a result, it’s crucial to talk with a doctor about modafinil’s hazards before beginning treatment. Contact your doctor right away to seek medical assistance if you do develop any of these adverse effects.


Moderately negative effects of modafinil include reduced or decreased efficacy of the drug. This drug can also increase the risk of withdrawal syndrome, which is a severe complication of opioid agonists.

Therefore, modafinil and hydrocodone should be taken with caution, and the doses should be adjusted accordingly. In addition, patients taking modafinil and hydrocodone should be closely monitored for signs of withdrawal.

Modafinil has multiple metabolism pathways, including the hepatic CYP3A4 enzyme. The presence of strong CYP3A4 inhibitors can also reduce the plasma concentration of modafinil. This drug may also reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy agents, including doxorubicin.

Modafinil inhibits CYP2C19 at pharmacologically relevant concentrations. This inhibition may lead to a decrease in the drug’s efficacy and should be monitored. Inducers such as dexamethasone should be used with caution in patients receiving modafinil.

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