AWeber Review, Price, and more: Is it the Best Emailing Service or Scam?

AWeber Review, AWEber Price, Best Emailer, Best Emailing Service

Hold on, just before adding Aweber to your cart, you need to read this head-to-toe AWeber review and price to ascertain if you’re taking the best emailer or scam today.

The reason why I’ve called for your attention is that you’re probably looking for the best emailing service provider and you think AWeber is the best choice.

Certainly, you’ve considered several factors and you’re now on the verge of making a purchase decision. Else, you might have used their services and it’s time you thought to look for another alternative to AWeber.

Think for a moment now. I’m writing this Aweber review after using their email marketing services for seven years. In fact, it was the first email marketing tool I ever used. Email marketing is one of the best strategies for making money online. If ever someone thought that email marketing is dead, then read why I think otherwise

Whether you’re a newbie or expert digital nomad, the use of email for communication with your audience is the most personal touch you can ever have. Therefore, you need to invest in your email marketing campaigns by sending valuable information to your subscribers. I insist, send valuable content to your audience.

AWeber is one of the best emailers you can use without any investment. Not even your credit card details are required when you sign up for their free plan. As I always say, you should begin with the lowest-tier plan and upgrade as your business and list grow.

AWeber Free: Easy email marketing

Is AWeber the best emailer you’ve never used?

The reason why you’re considering AWeber as the worst or best emailing service provider is based on your personal experience. It could also be due to reviews you’ve come across today.

You may have properly automated campaigns and follow-up emails only to get a low open rate, CTR, and sales. Definitely, that would be a big turn-off but you must always blame the service provider. Not even your email list nor message, right?

Alternatively, you could have done things the wrong way expecting the best results by praying. But, the worst of all is having tried to do nothing after reading this AWeber review.

Honestly, there are several email marketing service providers today, and the best emailer depends on several factors which I already outlined. That means, for you to regard a service provider as the best, you need to be more specific.

Let’s say in regards to your sector, size of business, type of organization, and other factors. Some of the best emailing service providers specialize in certain aspects. For example, the deliverability of your emails may be too low if you’re sending more sales campaigns using a tool not tailored for eCommerce. Furthermore, your subscribers may see your emails in the promotional section instead of the primary section.

The worst of all would be if your emails go to the spam folder. If this happens, you might re-strategize your campaigns else you’re set to close the business soon. In fact, I don’t remember when I last checked my spam folder. The emails are always deleted after 30 days.

AWeber Price Plans and Features

Just for the sake of beginners in the digital marketing industry, I’ve already defined common terms and abbreviations in my previous articles. To refresh your mind, you can scroll through here to learn about CTR, bounce rates, and others.

I’ll only define what is AWeber for the sake of this review. Aweber is an email marketing software or service provider that helps businesses and organizations to communicate with their audience.

Like other email marketing service providers, AWeber email marketing software comes loaded with some noteworthy features to enhance your email campaigns and follow-ups.

Considering its user-friendly interface, AWeber allows you to create landing pages on its platform. Additionally, you can create sign-up forms, access detailed reports of your campaigns, and manage your subscriber list.  

Below is a detailed description of selected features that you may require to realize the best emailing service from AWeber.

5 Most Important AWeber Features

To get the best emailing service from AWeber, you need to know what’s in the package. Listen, there are features and properties that you’ll only come across in AWeber. Not to imply that it’s superior to other email marketing software.

There are also some features that you may need and not find on this software. That’s why I constantly review digital marketing products for you to stay updated.

The following are some of the notable features of AWeber

#1 List segmentation

The segmentation component of email marketing allows you to further divide your existing email list. For example, if you would want to send emails to your subscribers from a certain region at a particular time, you can separate them and give them a separate tag in the list.

Another example is when you want to separate male from female in one mail list. Segmentation of your email list enables you to achieve the best from your email campaigns. Considering your desire to boost email deliverability, open rate, CTR, and sales, you need to segment your list.

Most often, I segment my list based on time zones. Considering that the best email marketing results are achieved when emails are received on Tuesday and Thursdays during working hours, you should reconsider segmentation for maximum output.

The segmentation feature of AWeber works in a similar manner. You need to select relevant details and sort them as per your requirements. You need to know that AWeber won’t segment your list based on details you never captured while building your list.  You can learn more on list segmentation here.

#2 Email automation

Once you’ve planned the campaigns and follow-ups, you don’t need to manually check the behavior of your subscribers. Whenever you send emails, several things are bound to happen. For example, some will open the email and not click the links depending on your CTA.

You can automate a follow-up mail to specifically target such cases. If your subscriber clicks a link and makes a purchase, you may not need to send further email campaigns for the same product. Instead, you can automate the second campaign to start immediately. Equally, you may automate your email triggering process for relevant subscribers.

You can also automate sending specific emails to your new subscribers after a certain duration. Always check on your mailing frequency since too many emails may lead to a high number of unsubscribers.

#3 Email list management

AWeber email marketing software only charges you for unique emails. This means that if you have similar emails in more than one list, it’s regarded as one. There are several email marketing service providers that don’t consider this aspect. Moreover, you will be charged for having the same email address in different lists when using other service providers. This feature gives Aweber an advantage over its competitors.

Notably, AWeber email marketing software automatically transfers all the hard bounced emails to your unsubscriber list. Ideally, those who unsubscribe from your list should not be counted as part of your list. However, AWeber regards these details as part of your list until you manually delete their contacts. This implies that the unsubscribed contacts are billable unless deleted manually.

In case you’re migrating from one email service provider to AWeber with an existing email list, you can import the contacts. After importing and depending on the quantity, your contacts will be reviewed and you’ll be allowed to proceed with your email marketing campaigns. In case of any delay, AWeber has 24/7 customer care support which will respond to your inquiries. You can also create your list by creating a contact form on the AWeber platform and embedding the code on your website. In case you’ve paid for the automation feature, your campaigns will take effect from welcome emails and subsequent workflows.

#4 Landing pages and sign-up forms

Professional landing pages can lead to an increase in your email list and sales.

Aweber has several free landing page templates that enable its users to create desired landing pages by dragging and dropping.

The drag and drop feature of the landing page tool allows you to build landing pages within the shortest time possible without coding skills. In case you want to create landing pages using a plugin on your website, you’ll be prompted to upgrade and have access to the plugin. Since sign-up forms are integrated into the landing pages, you will add contacts to your email list through landing pages.

The best practice is to give a separate tag to the contacts you collect from different landing pages. Needless to mention, the landing pages also come with several images which you can customize for effective campaigns. You can also use images from Canva and other sources for creating landing pages.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

#5 AWeber web push notifications

Have you ever noticed sometimes when you’re browsing other things then you receive a clickable message on your browser? That’s a web/desktop push notification and it’s an effective way of engaging your website visitors who opted in to receive messages from you.

Aweber also offers push notifications to all its interested users. If you have a running promotion, you can create a web push notification and it’ll appear on all your visitor’s browsers. Majorly, the notification re-appears after 24 hours. As a good practice, you can always alter the message depending on who had seen the previous ones. Consequently, you’ll have a significant increase in the number of returning clients and sales. Majorly, web push notifications are used for announcing discounts, webinars, new content, or lead magnets.

You can activate the web push notification on your website by using AWeber’s plugin. Nevertheless, you must have access to the root directory of your website. This is disadvantageous to those sharing hosting services who may not have direct access to their root directory.

I recommended the adoption of a meta tag code for verification purposes for those who couldn’t access their root directory. I’ve always recommended the use of Web hosting services like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc where you’ll be charged fairly for hosting your website. Alternatively, you can host your website at home provided you all the necessary tools and reliable power supply.

Aweber Price Plan

AWeber has always charged its customers for all its plans. However, in July 2020, after considering the effect of covid19 on small businesses, they announced a free plan. I’m sincerely grateful for this initiative even as the adverse effects of covid-19 pandemic continue to be felt globally. Therefore, any business that can provide relief to affected individuals serves humanity which is the core objective of our lives.

The idea of bringing the free plan has consequently led to an increase in the number of people signing up for AWeber services. The current free plan is here to stay and you shouldn’t be worried that even if the pandemic comes to an end, things might change abruptly.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

AWeber Free Plan

The free plan tops the list of the AWeber price plan whose benefits include;

  • No initial expense for purchasing plan.
  • Unlimited users for account management.
  • Enjoys unlimited access to customer support on phone, chat, and email.
  • Full access to all email templates and professional emails.
  • Full access to email automation feature.
  • Permission granted for full access to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.
  • You can create unlimited landing pages with full access to its WordPress plugin

However, the free plan has the following limitations

  • Limited contacts to 500 with monthly emails restricted to 3,000.
  • No access to behavioral automation, abandoned cart, and track clicking links.
  • You can’t perform A/B testing.
  • No access to custom segmentation.
  • You incur 1% eCommerce transactional fees.
  • Limited access to reporting with restricted access to advanced reports.
  • Limited access to web push notifications.
  • You can’t remove AWeber branding on your email campaigns

Beginners may not exhaust the first 3,000 months since their lists are relatively small. It’s advisable that you begin with the Free Plan to learn more features as you advance your campaigns then upgrade.

AWeber Pro Plan

To unlock the limitations experienced in the Free plan, the Pro plan comes with the following benefits

  • Ability to conduct A/B testing for your emails, landing pages and sign-up forms.
  • You can remove AWeber brand name on your campaigns.
  • Unlimited access to advanced reports and analytics.
  • You can send unlimited emails per month.
  • Unmatched access to custom segmentation and email triggering


  • Maximum contact list is 25,000 limiting medium scale enterprises.
  • Charges 0.6% eCommerce fee

What’s Aweber Price?

Aweber price comes into consideration only when upgrading or purchasing Pro Plan. Ideally, the minimum price for AWeber is $19.99/month. The charges also vary depending on your contact list and the duration of billing. Let me explain. If you pay an annual fee for the plan, you’ll get a 19.2% discount, unlike someone who pays monthly. The detailed AWeber Price plans are as shown in the image below.

Best emailing service prices
Image Source: Aweber website

Who should use AWeber

This AWeber review won’t be complete if I don’t recommend who should use AWeber.

Considering the contact limitation, AWeber is best suited for small-scale eCommerce enterprises. To reap the best emailing service from AWeber, you need to upgrade when your list grows. You also need to have access to your web hosting services for WPN. Aweber is also recommended for those using other email marketing services that don’t have WPN. Since this feature is available for free, you can utilize it at no extra charge.  

The AWeber Review Summary

AWeber is still one of the best emailers in the market despite the presence of alternatives. Its services are more tailored for small-scale eCommerce enterprises. It’s recommended that beginners first use the free plan and upgrade with time. Those who regard AWeber as the best emailing service provider have gone ahead and used the automation features.

This AWeber review serves you with insightful thoughts to consider. In case you have a contact list of 25,000 or more, please consider AWeber alternatives. To try a free version of Aweber, click here now. If you’re considering promoting AWeber using white hat SEO techniques, check the latest tools for research at Toolsurf.

AWeber Review, Price, and more: Is it the Best Emailing Service or Scam?
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Hold on, just before adding Aweber to your cart, you need to read this head-to-toe AWeber review and price to ascertain if you’re taking the best emailer or scam today.

Price: 19.99/month

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