Cheapest or Free Web Hosting: Which Sites offer Such in 2021?

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Choosing whether to go for a free or cheapest web hosting for your site isn’t a mundane task. Voracious learners know that some of the cheapest web hosting sites offer almost free services. Therefore, you need to consider whether to go for the cheapest or free web hosting services.

Listen, I know you’ve often heard it said that cheap is expensive. In web hosting services, this cliche has its context. But truth be told, sometimes your pockets run dry yet you have a brilliant idea to generate money online. I’ve also gone through such circumstances. If possible, I’ll part your back and encourage you. In fact, all my life, I’ve always started making money online using free trial services. Similarly, in the world of web hosting services, you can either get it free, use free trial or pay the least amount possible.

It’s hard to argue with statistics even as Statista reported in January 2021 that there exist 4.66 billion active internet users globally. People are looking for information and you can provide that from your website while enjoying free web hosting services.

Considering that the free web hosting companies have to pay their bills, they may use your platform for displaying ads. Moreover, you may be limited from accessing some advanced features on your website unless you upgrade. However, because you want to begin without any monetary investment, such things shouldn’t bother you.

Now that you know that free web hosting service providers exist, let’s explore the options.

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Sites


The following sites allows you to host your websites at no cost unless you opt to upgrade. Sometimes, when you exceed the limits such as storage and bandwidth, it’s advisable to upgrade or transfer your website to another host.


The name WordPress tops the list of the best free web hosting sites because of the popularity of the word “WordPress”. However, WordPress hosting shouldn’t be confused with WordPress website builder. Whereas the hosting company has .com in its domain, the self-hosted software has .org in its domain name.

To access free web hosting services on WordPress site, you need to sign up and provide a preferred name for your website. If the name is available, your website automatically comes out with WordPress as part of the name. This is what we call a sub-domain. For example, if you prefer your sir name say “sirname” then your website will appear as Please note that the above sub-domain wasn’t in use at the time of this publication.

WordPress free hosting offers you unlimited bandwidth and free SSL. Basically, SSL is for your security and that’s why your website URL has https or lock symbol at the extreme left. Additionally, you’re offered 3GB storage space which is sufficient for beginners unless you have too much video content to upload.

When using free web hosting services of WordPress, ads will be displayed to your visitors and you have no control over this. You can opt to upgrade for the cheapest web hosting plan called personal which requires annual payment of $48. Other available WordPress plans include premium, business and eCommerce. free web hosting
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The user-friendly WordPress interface and multiple templates allows users with no technical skills to effectively run their websites on this platform.

#2 000webhost

As its name suggest, you’ll incur $0.00 to host your website. If the presence of ads destructs your website visitors or you, then I present to you an alternative without ads. Moreover, your nameservers are protected with Cloudflare and the uptime is fairly guaranteed. You may wonder why it came second instead of toping the list, right? Let me explain. Despite 000webhost not charging you anything, it limits bandwidth for its free users to 3GB. Therefore, in case your traffic is high, you may reconsider its alternatives.

You’re also given 300 MB disk space, but no access to customer support. Additionally, you can’t create an email address related to your website. Considering that Hostinger is the parent behind 000webhost, you can upgrade for the other plans. Hostinger is also one of the cheapest web hosting sites where for a limited time you can host your website for as from $1.39/month.

Still wondering whether you should go for 000webhost? At the time of this publication, it had hosted over 24 million websites, and the curve continues to grow exponentially. Despite the limitations in functionality, the use of free web hosting services offered by 000webhost gives you a platform to learn. No coding skills are required since the package comes with its pre-built templates. When your website traffic grows, it’s advisable to upgrade for the other options, starting with the cheapest web hosting plan.

000webshost cheapest web hosting site
Image source: 000webhost

#3 Free Hosting No Ads as Cheapest web hosting site

As its name suggests, this is a site where no ads are displayed for your traffic. You also have the option of customizing your domain name or choosing a sub-domain. This is an option you’ll never have on However, your bandwidth is limited to GB unlike our #1 where you have unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, your storage is limited to 1GB which is fairly sufficient for beginners.

You may start to think how it runs its operations without ads. Well, you also have options to upgrade or pay to access premium tools. Their premium hosting plans are also among the cheapest web hosting services where you pay as low as $0.5/month. Additionally, if you follow their Facebook page, you can get free domain which they frequently offer their followers.

When you check Free Hosting No Ads website, you’ll come across several ads. However, the ads won’t show on your website in case you opt for their free website hosting services. Despite the fact that the hosting company doesn’t display ads, you can register for paid ads and display in your website. This is one way of monetizing your website.

In case you go for Free Hosting No Ads, you’re allowed to create an email with your domain name, a feature that lacked in the first two choices with a free web hosting plan. The only challenge is that its design is in PHP and MySQL. Additionally, it doesn’t use the latest PHP. Therefore, if you’d want to migrate to WP in future, you might encounter challenges.

Free hosting no ads
Image source: Free hosting no ads website

#4 Freehostia

Our top  picks couldn’t be complete without mentioning Freehostia. It’s one of the sites offering free hosting of up to 5 websites. However, your storage is limited to only 250MB while bandwith is up to 6GB. Despite the fact that you can host 5 websites, you’re however limited to only one MySQL database. The limited storage prevents those who want to host large websites.

Cheapest web hosting site
Image source: Freehostia website

#5 Free Hosting

Here’s another case where name matches character. Often, when you search for free webhosting services, you won’t miss free hosting as one of the options. If you’re comfortable with 10GB space with unlimited bandwidth for your traffic, then here’s one option of getting free web hosting from Free web hosting. The repetition is intentional.

Keep in mind that you can create only one email account related to your domain. Considering that most businesses can survive with only one email address, this shouldn’t be a big issue. Keep in mind that you’re limited to host a single website at no cost. In case you’d want to host more, you’ll need to upgrade.

Are there other free web hosting sites?

Honestly, there are over 20 sites where you can host your website. If you read more on the internet, you’ll come across several free web hosting sites. However, the above are our top picks considering their various aspects. Additionally, we considered that in case you want to upgrade, will you attain the cheapest market rate in the market? That’s why our top picks considers both the free and cheapest web hosting services. Think of if you want to upgrade to a plan where you only pay $0.5/month, doesn’t it appear the cheapest option?


Taking into consideration that cost is not the only aspect, we hand-picked the best five free web hosting sites where your security, scalability and support are considered. If you would like to get SEO package tools at the cheapest prices unlike their primary website rates, check Toolsurf now while offers last.

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