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Practicing Inbound Marketing: Digital Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing as a digital marketing strategy
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Most people think of marketing as the science of finding customers. But inbound marketing goes against this explanation by being the science of the customer finding you. It’s a digital marketing strategy that, in a very technical sense, works like magic.

Whereas outbound marketing focuses on fishing for potential customers in a huge pool of online users, inbound marketing is a strategy that is more calm and collected. It involves building your business brand, making it available through content and SEO then waiting for the attention to come to you.

It may sound snobbish but it is not. After all, isn’t marketing supposed to be a loud affair, begging customers for attention and giving out deals? Well, not always.

Inbound marketing focuses more on targeting customers who are at the buying stage rather than those who are still deciding whether they need a product or not. This way, it generates qualified leads much faster.

Why Inbound Marketing is necessary in digital marketing

Digital marketers these days are more empowered than ever. WebMD and Google Search are only a click away, besides numerous other healthcare-related websites.

Placing ads to attract customers to your online business site is great, but it is not enough. People are impatient and want to find solutions immediately. Most of them are likely going to click on ‘No, Thanks’ anyway.

The best digital marketing strategy is therefore creating content that draws the client in, by offering the services that he/she needs at that particular instance.

Whereas in outbound marketing, you would broadcast your practice to everybody who cares to listen, inbound marketing persuades your clients to reach out to you because of what you have.

Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing

Attracting the right crowd

To generate the best leads, your content has to be valuable to the intended audience.

For example, if you are a cardiologist, you want to create content on topics that educate people on heart disease, advances in medication in that field, and preventive solutions that your reader might consider implementing. You must be in a position to offer all these services or resources.

The best channels to use at this point are blog posts, social media platforms, and relevant keywords that enhance search engine optimization.

Converting them to leads

Once you have their attention, now is the time to woo them to your side. Converting visitors to leads is no easy task.

Call-To-Actions work well here since you want them to commit, say by providing their contact information or downloading a free ebook or webinar.

Closing the deal

Now your visitor has become a lead. If they have provided you with contact information such as their email address, use it to your advantage. Do this by adding them to your subscription list for newsletters, and sending them informative automated mail.

Eventually, you will become a ‘familiar face’ in their inbox and they will have the confidence to pay for what you have to offer.

Keeping them close

Closing the deal is not the end of the journey. Even if a lead has become a customer, with the amount of competition in the health care sector, you stand the risk of losing them.

To secure their loyalty, you must reinforce why they made the best decision choosing you. You do this by nurturing social media interaction and sending more personalized and contextual messages on mail.

How to Maximize on Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is a wide universe to maneuver. However, your main interest should be to use it to improve your website’s ranking. This is the only way through which your wonderful content is going to be seen in the first place!

Now there are volumes of articles written on SEO, but we are only going to focus on a few quick key points.

If yours is a dental company, you must include the right keywords related to your practice in the blog titles. Doing this enhances that particular page among thousands of other similar search engine related pages(SERPs)

For images and videos, include keywords in the alt/captioning while garnishing your article with secondary keywords all the way to the conclusion. Just don’t overdo it!

There are more SEO practices that you should look upon and implement for best results.

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Social Media Madness for Inbound Marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing resource of our time. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook,  to name but a few can be beneficial in inbound marketing.

The secret is to keep it spicy. Entice your readers with up-to-date and newsworthy content in the world of your specialized field. If you are a mental health care practitioner, you have no business writing on cancer, as you are not an authority in that field.

Always run away from generic headlines that are meant to act as click baits. Instead, work more on producing top-notch content that is timely and can be relevant months later.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

This is one way to increase traffic to your website.

With this type of advertisement, you select keywords that you want your ads to show, and if they win the highest bid, your ad shows up in the top results.

Potential patients are likely to see your ads first and if it is interesting enough, they will follow the link to your main site.

Landing Pages

As mentioned earlier in this article, call-to-actions help you convert a lead to a customer.

A call-to-action should direct the user to a landing page with a form where they fill in contact information. They are then led to a ‘Thank You’ page and that’s it. Easy as ABC!

Wrapping it Up

The path to a great digital marketing strategy is lined with constant revision and updates. Inbound marketing is not an end in itself, as you have to support it with market automation as well as traditional marketing techniques.

For now, though, it is almost cast on a stone that inbound marketing will add great value to your health care business. It will increase brand awareness, give you qualified leads and consequently, influence future purchases. Why not try it today?

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