Email Marketing is dead: Here’s why

Email marketing is dead

If there’s a debate that will consume hours among marketers, it’s whether to say that email marketing is dead or not. It’s always hard to argue with statistics because the ROI of email marketing has kept increasing. Comparing that the ROI for email marketing was 3800% in 2015 and now it’s at 4200%, which means email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s one of the best digital marketing strategies to use now. Of course, inbound marketing and affiliate marketing also come in handy.

As an investor, when an idea is talked about by everyone to be good, it’s always the best time to leave. This is because the opportunity will be overflooded. But my conscience has served me well in regards to email marketing. I’m still waiting to see another opportunity that serves as an exit strategy for email marketing.

I’ve come across several concerns that social media is soon replacing emails. While Facebook has over 2 billion active users, email still remains the most personal and professional way of communicating with your audience. Tell me, how many times did you ignore Facebook notifications while you checked an email from your boss? Countless times.

Will social media replace email marketing?


While I don’t want to dispute the power of social media for brand building. I still believe that email marketing isn’t dead. It’s also known that the average order for email is three times the order from social media. This implies that email is still superior to social media while someone would want you to believe otherwise. Look, it’s upon you to believe an independent opinion like mine or be fed with lies.

Social media is mainly for entertainment and educational content. However, brand promotion is mainly done through email. That’s why many B2B and B2C continue to invest in email marketing software such as GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, and others. You can always consider essential factors before purchasing an email marketing tool that will serve your business.

Spammy email marketing is dead

Irrespective of the choice of software for your email campaigns, there’s one thing that’s certain. Spammy email marketing is dead and I loathe it when someone sends me a promotional email when I never provided my details. Look now at my spam folder, and I keep deleting them!

Spammy email marketing is dead

Honestly, spammy email marketing is dead and if you’re using it, I’m sure it doesn’t generate significant income. You could be thinking that you’re doing the right email marketing but your emails also go to the spam folder. Please ensure that you comply with EU’s GDPR and most importantly, send email to only those who gave you details with consent. You also need to consider some of the best practices when working on email campaigns such as list segmentation, automation, personalization, and others.

One thing I’m sure of is that the current global pandemic has wiped out people including email marketers. Certainly, some email marketers have died of covid-19 but email marketing isn’t dead. If you ever thought that email marketing is dead, then I have a reason to prove that it’s alive.

What next if email marketing is dead

If you could take my online assets except one, I’d chose my email list which I taught you how to build from scratch. I know it’s hard to achieve the best ranks on Google yet I will calmy leave SEO for the sake of an email list when in such a situation. I will hand over the best Facebook ads for the sake of email marketing.

Why would I make such a bold statement now? Because of all the investments in the world I’ve personally come across, nothing beats email marketing. This is my personal opinion because I’ve not invested billions yet.

I know of friends who have invested in cryptocurrency and earned much. In fact, I know someone who bought Ethereum coins on 1st January 2017 worth $100, and in May 2021, the amount was equivalent to $400,000.  I also trade on Binance and it’s one of the best platforms for P2P trading. Despite the high returns, I have no control over my earnings. The prices are determined by other forces beyond my control! In fact, it’s subject to manipulation by some corporate Americans. But the truth is, it’s the future of digital money that we have to embrace.

Does email marketing also change?

Google algorithms change and rankings for many websites are often affected. The latest July 2021 update has left many SEO investors wondering how irrelevant backlinks negatively affect their SEO score. I know Facebook ads bring more to the table but how many accounts have been banned for flimsy reasons? Those who follow Google ads know how the removal of side ads in 2016 led to the collapse of some online companies that depended on it.

One thing I’m certain of is that I have complete control over my email list. It’s one of the things that I regard with respect for the supreme creator. While I’m not religious, I believe there’s a higher power beyond human capacity.

Email marketing also changes and this happens when email subscribers unsubscribe from the list. You have to give your recipients the option to opt-out of your list or manage preferences. In case you don’t follow the best practices for email marketing, you may encounter massive un-subscription. Considering that there are ways to trigger emails, you can use this option to contact those who unsubscribe from your list. Always respect the decision of your subscribers.

Why would you think that email marketing is dead?

I would only say that email marketing is having a slow death if the ROI was decreasing. On the contrary, the trend now proves that the ROI is increasing. In fact, the projections from Statista indicate that by 2027, the value of email marketing will hit 17.9 billion from its value of 7.5 billion in 2020. As I’ve always said, it’s hard to argue with such statistics.

Before you allow the thought that email marketing is dead, is email dead? Whenever I mention email, postal cooperation hits my mind hard. They ignored the rise of emails and now emails have taken over. Similarly, the traditional TV adverts ignored the power of email marketing. While TV and radio adverts still work, I’ve seen it becoming a common trend that they advertise gambling content often. At least in my country, that’s the common scenario.

Projections from Statista indicate that email users will be 4.6 billion in 2025 compared to 4 billion in 2020. In the US, 58% of consumers reported that they check their emails first thing in the morning. Personally, I also check my primary mailbox before going to social media.


The use of email for marketing purposes is still relevant. In fact, you should think of investing in commendable email marketing tools like ActiveCampaign where you’re guaranteed high email deliverability. Email marketing is not dead and I appreciate the rise of social media marketing.

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