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Healthcare marketing strategy: Practicing Social media

Healthcare digital marketing strategy
Written by Denis

No matter the size or field of your medical practice, your healthcare marketing strategy has got to involve social media. Here’s why:

Digital marketing has completely transformed the way we do business . Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are unmatched hubs for generating leads. And the health care sector has not been left behind on this social media madness!

Healthcare organizations also have something of a moral responsibility to spread information and keep the masses updated.

Sharing knowledge on common diseases and conditions on social media can help a large percentage of the population exercise preventive measures and reduce the risk of falling ill.

Social Media marketing in healthcare should therefore be more about what value is offered, rather than how many likes a post gathers. Click baits are a no-no.

Despite the fact that social media networking can help society in more ways than one, health care providers must establish strict policies and be mindful of patient data as regards privacy compliance. Health data is one of the most sought for information by cybercriminals, and its security should not be compromised for anything.

Why Social Media Marketing is an asset for HealthCare

Because of increased competition (and it’s not about to go away), claiming a place on the table of the top successful healthcare companies requires a clear, comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

The focus of healthcare marketing today largely falls back to customer satisfaction.

Ensuring that the customer is pleased with all times is a huge determinant of an organization’s success. One bad online review and your practice risk losing tens, if not hundreds of potential customers.

You would also agree with me that our world today is much faster, and busier. Gone are the days when doctor appointments were a regular part of our daily lives. In order for health providers to build lasting relationships with their patients, they have to keep in touch. They have to promptly reply to their patients’ inquiries, and social media is just the tool for this.

We have summarized a few points on how to use the various platforms effectively as part of your healthcare marketing strategy.


Branded Campaigns

Promotional health campaigns are best to run on social media. Yes, your website is your living area but the only way for online visitors to get there is through social media.

Branded campaigns not only make you stand out amongst your competitors, they help you pass a message and market your products or services.

It is important that you do campaign research first to identify what would be most relevant and most helpful to your target audience. Spy on your rivals in the market as well to see what they’ve done in the past, what worked and what you can do differently.

By working with experienced bloggers, your team can run campaigns on Twitter or Facebook to involve the public in doing something that resonates with your company’s specialty. It could be sharing stories on how they overcame High Blood Pressure or some other condition. It could also be incentivized challenges, such as a wellness challenge.

An example of wellness challenge is asking members of the public to participate in a #10Days10Miles campaign where they run ten miles for ten days and document their experiences. The most consistent win a free gym hamper from your company.

Video Content for healthcare marketing strategy

Online users today spend more time watching video content than reading plain text.

When social media and video content meet, great things happen. Look at the popularity of Instagram stories and Facebook live stream among others…

Healthcare Providers can take advantage of the online traffic generated by video content to promote their brands. They do so by creating short clips that are educational to their target audience and sharing them on their social media. Live streaming is rising exponentially as well and is a great way to engage with your patients in real-time.

The ability to provide relevant videos on a regular basis is what will be challenging to healthcare marketers. They also need to meet the preferences and demands of the audience while staying within the company’s values and meeting its goals.

Online forums

Online discussion groups are a favorite for many people. They provide something of open space for Q & A as well as discussions on just about anything!

Healthcare forums are particularly popular because they speak to a wide population. As a healthcare business, you can use platforms such as Yahoo! Answers, and Quora to be part of the discussion. Google+ allows your doctors and patients to engage on Hangouts via chat and webinars.

 By addressing your patients’ concerns and complaints, you are showing them that you care. If you are a big hospital, for example, you can have doctors answer questions on specialized ailments. Your patients will feel your presence and that is how you earn their loyalty.

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are often great communicators. These are individuals whose accounts reach thousands, if not millions of followers.

Influencer marketing can be a great backup to your health brand especially if you are starting up. You might have to part with a small fee, depending on the popularity of an influencer, but it will be worth it. By using a well-known name on a particular platform, everyone will be curious to know what your brand is all about.

Even if your healthcare venture is well established, influencer marketing can still be a useful asset for attracting new patients and keeping them engaged.

Introducing a new product or line of service to the market means raising awareness on virtually every social media account. Using a team of influencers will be the most effective way to do this.

How We Can Help

If you are a healthcare company looking to expand, do not ignore the importance of practicing social media in your healthcare marketing strategy.

Social Media practice forms an integral part of our business, which is to make yours succeed through implementing the right healthcare marketing strategy.

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