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What is affiliate marketing about?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that measures the success of the affiliate by the number of visitors that they manage to get to the site. The marketing prowess of the affiliate is what determines their success. It involves promoting a product for a company, and once you make a sale, the company pays you a commission.

Slaves of intelligence is a community that gives authentic and honest reviews on various products and services. We have the knowledge, skills and marketing know-how to reel in traffic to the website and make quick sales. Conquering the digital marketing platform is our aim, and we have begun the journey towards this dream.

Through affiliate marketing, we can discover new and better ways of revenue generation and marketing dynamics. We engage shoppers in informational and promotional programs that are part of our marketing to make brands sell more. We are the bridge between companies and their target buyers. We speak for the company and the product and ensure that the shopper understands what the product offers them and why they need it.

Statistics on affiliate marketing

Many businesses, both online and store-based are adopting the affiliate marketing strategy due to its level of success. Through affiliate marketing, sales go up more than 10%, and this makes it gain popularity. Many people can now access the internet and visit websites. Through affiliate marketing, many companies have increased sales and cemented the recognition of their brand.

Technological changes broaden the arena, and the more people get into affiliate marketing, the more the competition. The 1% minority who can deliver results will grow and earn excellent returns. Slaves of intelligence are shooting to be among the 1%.

Brand security

Slaves of intelligence are not only committed to marketing products, but we also monitor closely the trends and the kind of recognition that the brand gets. We want to ensure that the quality of your brand is not compromised and receives positive attention from the buyers.

We ensure that our marketing strategies are per the law and the requirements of the company. We will identify areas that the product and services need improvement and give feedback on the preferences of the audiences. In this way, we identify opportunities and the sectors that have not been taken advantage of yet.

Client feedback

We value the input of our customers on the quality of our work. This helps us grow and improve on the areas that we may fall short on. We appreciate your feedback, comments, and criticism to help us serve you better.

Quality and reliability

Our site is not only dedicated to effective marketing but also ensures that the products we associate with are high-quality products. We monitor the companies that we associate with and guarantee the reliability of the goods so that we do not falsely advertise products. We review products and tell you both the cons and pros of each. We also guide you on the decision-making process before you close the sales.


We have the technology and tools that optimize digital marketing and make the sale of products a quicker process that increases sales for clients. We’re the pacesetters when it comes to digital marketing. We research and update our readers on the latest trends in relation to their niches. We value technology!

Email marketing

We actively participate in email marketing and we’ll never spam your email. If you would wish to get updates on our blogs and various market products, keep checking your mail if you’re comfortable being part of our subscribers.



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