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How to choose the best web hosting services for business

How to choose the best web hosting services
Written by Denis

Sometimes, all you need to know is how to choose the best web hosting service provider for your online business. This may be because you either want to start an online business or your current provider isn’t reliable. It could also mean that you fell into the trap of going for cheap web hosting services. As a result of your choice, your website experiences several host-related challenges. You could be losing several promising leads, and now it’s time to make a paradigm shift. Look no further, I want to simplify the process for you with these simple steps.

Several web hosting companies exist today. Think of Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, Hostinger, Godaddy, Namecheap, just to mention a few. Some of these companies have been in business for the past decades and are regarded as the best web host service providers. Some are even known for providing cheap web hosting services. It may give you hard time choosing which is the best among them. In fact, you may end up confused.

But before scrolling down, were you looking for the best cloud or web hosting services for your business? Look, there’s a thin line of distinction between these two. Whereas the files in web hosting are stored in a server, it happens that for cloud hosting, the files are in a virtual space. To cut it short, there’s a difference between Cloudways and Bluehost.

Since your main interest in reading this article is to explore how to choose the best web hosting services for your business, let’s now break it down.

5 steps to follow when choosing the best web hosting services

The following steps are critical for you to get the best hosting services.

#1 Conduct an in-depth research

Now that you want the best of the best web hosting services for your business, spare some time and effort on research. Go through several pages online and compare the features of different products. You’ll find comparison sites useful for your research. However, you should go an extra mile and confirm the mentioned services from the product owners. Sometimes, you’ll need to call customer care support to verify the information. Keep in mind that the internet is full of crap and fake gurus launching products daily.

It’s advisable that if you have a team, you ask each group to check on a certain category then give recommendations. I advise that each team should come up with 100 options, pick their best 10 and recommend the top 3 in their list. This method will increase the effectiveness of research. For example, one team may focus on a shared web hosting service while another team checks on the cheapest web hosting service. Equally, another group can research on free web hosting service which we recently covered. Your presentations should give a recommendation. After coming up with three or four options, it’s time to brainstorm and select one. Follow the next steps.

Research How to choose the best web hosting services for business
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#2 Consider your business scalability

Since you have about three recommendations from your research team, now you need to project your business growth. You could be starting with monthly traffic of 10,000 visitors daily but do you think that will be a constant number? As your online presence intensifies, your store might receive orders to a magnitude similar to Amazon. Of course, you wouldn’t want your traffic to get your website down, right? That’s why you need to consider the growth of your business.

Ideally, some online businesses start their web hosting from cheap shared hosting companies then migrate their services with time. Even large brands often upgrade their systems and notify their users of oncoming service maintenance. If you have a clear picture of your business in the next few years, you can consider going for a web hosting service provider that will allow you to upgrade and access other features without necessarily moving your files.

#3 Spy your competitors and consider extra features of the package

Think of this, does your choice of the best web hosting service provider give you a free SSL? That’s almost like an after-sale service. Consider extra features that your web hosting service provider is offering and compare it with your niche competitors. Considering that Google algorithm considers other factors which are related to your web host, you need to spy on your competitors. Check if there’s something better you can adopt from their operations.

#4 Compare prices and your budget

You’re in a business to get more profit, you wouldn’t want to incur more expenses. Even NGOs wouldn’t want to spend above their budgets yet they are not here to make profits. Therefore, your business plan and model should have a budget for web hosting services. In case you placed a dummy figure and you’re checking with your team on how to choose the best web hosting service provider, strictly follow your budget. Taking into consideration that you had discussed the scalability of your business, always ensure that the budget is adjusted in the next consecutive years. Otherwise, as your business grows, you may need to upgrade or migrate your website to a different web hosting service provider.

It’s also important to utilize the ongoing offers and consider the regular prices which may soon kick in. For example, Bluehost currently offers their lowest paid plan for $2.95/month, and the regular price of $8.99/month kicks in when your package expires. Sometimes, spending more time reading the terms of these web hosting service providers may save you a lot. Don’t get me wrong anyway.  I don’t mean anything bad about Bluehost by giving this illustration. In fact, it’s one of the best web hosting service providers globally.

Considering that you had conducted in-depth research, you can now utilize the promo codes or coupons you may have come across.

#5 Remember the 3S for the best web hosting services

Security, support, and speed are critical features that should come out clearly from your research. In case you’re stuck on how to choose the best hosting service provider, never miss any of these three. These are what Adam Berry refers to as the 3S of web hosting.

Security of your hosted site ensures that your documents are safe. That’s why most web host providers offer free SSL. In case your package lacks SSL, always ensure you add it to your cart. Sincerely, how will you feel when hackers access your files and passwords leaked? That’s why you should always consider the security of your website when choosing the best web hosting services.

Sometimes, you encounter technical challenges and you can’t resolve them from your end. Even if you access your route directory, the problem can only be solved from the server. Those using shared web hosting may find it difficult to access customer support. The 24/7/365 customer support always helps to ensure that technical challenges can be solved a phone call away. The accessibility to phone or slack support helps you to effectively resolve your website problems. Think of an instance when you kept sending emails and all bounced, only to realize it’s a technical hitch beyond your control. That’s why you need to consider customer support center when choosing the best web hosting service for your business.

Your website should also load fast. Considering that most web hosting technology use lightspeed technology, you need to verify if the speed is fast. Most internet users use mobile phones to access the internet. Therefore, your website should be mobile-friendly and load pages faster than your competitors.

The bottom line

The subject on how to choose the best web hosting service for your business requires several steps. To avoid the hassle, it’s important that you follow the outlined steps. It’s advisable that you form groups and come up with the best options. If you could also want to check on the cheapest and free web hosting service providers that we hand-picked for you, you can confirm our list. To succeed in your white hat SEO, you could opt for SEO tools at the lowest market rates on Toolsurf now.

All the best in your search.

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