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How to make money on Quora

How to make money on Quora
Written by Denis

Several people join Q&A platforms and start wondering how to make money on Quora, Reddit, QApop, Stack Exchange, Askfm, Medium just to mention a few. In fact, at the time of publishing this article, the question of “How can I use Quora to make money” had been asked in 171 spaces. Wow, that’s a lot and 1,300+ answers had been provided for this question.

If possible, I could have pointed to you the right answer right away but every day, we have new answers.

Having used Quora for 6 years, I know it like the palm of my hand. I tell you this not to brag or pat myself on my back but as an example of the power of following the policies and make money on Quora.

Recently, I mentioned the use of Quora as one of the strategies to make money online and it’s strategy #10 on the list. Considering the need for a detailed explanation of the process, this prompted the need for this post.

I know that making money from Quora may not cure every problem, but it sure can cure a lot of them. Listen, I know that if you can cut a check for any problem, you don’t have that problem. That’s why I advocate for financial freedom in various ways and quora is one of those ways.

What is Quora?

Quora is an online platform where people ask questions and get responses. In short, you either ask Question or answer (Quora). It’s one of the largest Q&A platforms that receives over 200 million monthly visitors. In fact, it’s among the social networks ranked by Statista in April 2021 having 300 million active users.

Now, keep your thinking caps on. What impact would it have if you managed to redirect only 10% of this traffic to your product? That’s why you sometimes come across ads on Quora platform, they need the traffic. You can also tap part of the traffic and make money online from Quora directly or indirectly.

Your main concern is how to earn money from Quora since you might have already signed up on the platform. In case you haven’t the procedure is simple. You may sign up using your Google or Facebook account or directly inserting email address and password. You’ll then receive a confirmation email to activate your account. You’re ready to go now.

Can I make money on Quora?

Yes, you can make money from Quora directly or indirectly. The direct way involves signing up for Quora partner program(QPP), Quora+ monetization or Quora space revenue sharing. The QPP allows you to ask different questions and you’re paid depending on the number of views your question receives. However, not all people qualify for the paid partner program. That’s why an alternative way is to sell your products using the platform.

The Quora partner program pays you depending on the ad impressions that your questions receive. However, the payment may not be much that’s why it’s advisable that you supplement the direct earnings with indirect sources. Currently, the minimum pay-out for a direct partnership with Quora is $10 and payment can be made through PayPal or Stripe account.

How to Earn money on Quora through Partner Program

Quora’s partner program mainly comes as an invitation only. In most cases, when you have over 100,000 views, you may receive an invitation mail to join the program. You can always check the stats on your profile to ascertain if you’re nearing the mark for the invitation. Here is a sample stat

How to make money on quora

Getting such a number of views isn’t hard since you only need to work smart. In fact, it’s possible to get 100k views within one week. Imagine if 29.5k views are possible within a month as seen in that image, what if you work smarter?

Whenever you receive an invitation to the Quora program, you will earn based on the views your questions generate. However, you’re limited to ask 10 questions daily. This calls for you to ask questions that may attract the highest number of views. Sometimes, your question may be merged with existing ones.

You may need to be updated with current trends to ask relevant questions. One of the best ways is to check trending topics on Twitter. For example, in July 2021 when Haiti’s president was assassinated, you could ask questions such as what next for Haiti’s leadership? You’re likely to attain a high number of views.

Notably, you should try to be within your niche. In case you’re in the financial niche, you can ask trending questions such as the 5.4% inflation of June 2021 in the US. Global topics attract more views and you should not limit yourself to one country. For example, covid19 related topics will attract many responses.

You can also use answerpublic platform to source for questions related to your niche. The more unique your questions are the high chances of getting more views.

You may have not achieved the 100,000 views required for invitation into the partner program. By the way, some people receive the invitation before getting those 100,000 views. However, most people get the invitation after hitting the 100k views mark. To earn more views and hit the mark, you only need to respond to questions appropriately. You should not answer any question you come across.

It’s important to note that only Quora members from the following countries can receive invitations for the partnership program. These include U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Colombia. If you’re not from these countries, you can use a VPN which I don’t recommend

Latest Quora Monetization Program- Quora + Membership

On 6th August 2021, Quora rolled out a new program that allows people to monetize through paid subscriptions. Everybody now talks of Quora+ membership. In fact, I got almost 50 questions on Quora + the day this program was launched. I’m not affiliated with Quora yet I like answering questions related to it. I strove to answer almost all.

Now, what’s Quora+, and how does it work? This model is almost similar to the medium program. However, unlike the medium program where unpaid users have access of up to only 5 content views per month, Quora allows all members to access your answers. At least that’s the current position as this Quora+ is in its pilot stages.

Currently, the monetization program is in 25 countries which include the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Australia, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Israel, Indonesia, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and Finland. The criteria for selection of these countries is up to Quora since this is someone’s business and you can’t dictate. A business is not a democracy as I’ve always stated. The Quora+ membership or monetization program is only in English platform and in future, it may consider other languages.

The monetization program of Quora+ works in a way that paid-up members who view your answers contribute to your earnings. The paid up members are the one refreshed in the Quora+ membership. The more paid-up members access your answers, the more likely your monthly income will be. The time that the other paid-up members spend on your time is factored in when calculating the revenue proportion. It’s worth mentioning that when you write high-quality long answers, you will earn more money. But only if you’ve signed up for the Quora+ membership and that means you come from either of the 25 listed countries.

The latest announcement of the monetization program doesn’t mean the QPP ends. In fact, these two go hand in hand. Whereas the quora partnership program depends only on the ad impressions that your questions generate, the monetization program pays you for answering questions. In case your country is not eligible for the program currently, subscribe for updates when the program will be accepted.

If until now you still want to earn directly from Quora and your country is not in the above two lists, then here’s the last one. It’s earning from Quora spaces. Here. you’ll need to register a Quora space and accept revenue sharing. It’s the simplest and the minimum threshold for withdrawal is $10. To learn more about the Quora space revenue sharing, check the article on Quora.

How to earn money on Quora indirectly

Some affiliate marketers use Quora as their primary source of traffic and income. This is done by answering questions related to the products they are promoting. At the end of the answer, they will insert a strong call to action directing the traffic to the product vendor. You may also have links redirecting traffic to your website or blog. It’s advisable that you prepare a converting landing page for high conversions and sales.

Building a strong online community from Quora boosts your website authority. Considering that the number of returning visitors also contributes to your Google ranking, it’s important to have such a reliable community.

The creation of Quora Space where you exclusively interact with your audience also boosts your online presence. You can share your website links on your space or other Quora spaces that you follow to get more views.

How to get more views on Quora

To attain the highest number of Quora views, you need to be consistent in your answers. Most importantly, you need to answer the right questions. It’s prudent that you check popular answers in your niche. You can also consider the number of views that previous answers have received. If the previous answers had over 1000 views, try answering such questions. Additionally, you need to consider the number of people following the topic. The larger the number of people following a question, the more likelihood of getting more views.

The quality of your answer also determines the number of views you get. In case you place links in most of your answers, Quora may not display your answers at the top. Considering that the top answers get more views, you need to have a strategy towards achieving the top answer.

Life topics often attract the highest number of views. Whether fictional or real experience, when properly detailed can increase your views. The use of header lines also increases your chances of getting more views. H1, H2, H3 should appear in your answers if it’s a long piece.

You can also share your answer in relevant Quora spaces to attract more views. Most spaces have moderators and in case your content fits all the requirements, it will be posted.

To attain more views, consider the factors listed below.

Factors to consider when answering Quora questions

It’s not the volume of answers you provide on Quora that counts. Listen, I’ve encountered many digital nomads asking me the secret behind high earnings on Quora. The answer I offer them is that consistency is the key. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when answering questions on Quora to make more money while working from home.

Quality and length of Quora answers

The context of your answer plays a critical role in Quora in getting views and upvotes. It’s advisable that your answer be precise and on point. Whereas long detailed answers are necessary, sometimes short answers come in handy. For example, a question that needs the latest photo on your phone may not need more explanation. After all, a picture speaks more than words.

Your answers should directly address the question and this will lead to more views and upvotes. Quora questions that are merged will always show the initial question as you answered. Accuracy and precision are the main considerations when drafting quality answers.

Sometimes, you’ll also get several comments depending on your answer. This may prompt you to edit your answer to respond to the questions or respond to the comments directly. You should never assume the comments since you may be needed to clarify some points.

Readability of Quora answers

The scanability of your answers improves the number of views you can get. Your sentences should be short and with meaning. Avoid fluffy content in the name of adding volume. It’s crucial to consider if you can bullet or number your points. You can also bold, italize, or underline some points.

When answering questions such as 5 lessons you’ve learned as a youth, number your points. In most cases, people receive email notifications on topics that they follow. In case your points are properly arranged, they will click to read. Consequently, you’ll have more views and upvotes.

To improve the readability of your answers, you should also use header titles and sub-titles. Considering that Quora platform doesn’t allow you to automatically insert a table of content, you can properly number your points. You can also change the font sizes and type to better visibility of your answer.

Images/pictures for you to make money on Quora

Quora allows you to insert images in your content. However, videos are not permitted. It’s proven that content with images attracts more views compared to those without. Some of the questions you’ll come across on Quora may require you to add a screenshot that deserves 1million views or upvotes. Any image that grabs the attention of the masses will answer such a question. In fact, some people have been approved for the Quora program for only answering questions using photos.

Whenever you use images from other sources such as Pexels, Pixabay, etc, ensure that you give credit where necessary. Unlike your website where you can insert alt text, in Quora, the only option available is inserting a caption.

The first image that you upload acts as your featured image. Even if your content has several photos, the first photo will be displayed as the overall content photo. Therefore, it’s necessary that you insert your top pick photo first. Since images create the first impression of the content, always use something that grabs attention.

Past views and question followers on Quora

Before answering Quora question, check if some answers had been previously submitted for the same question. You may come across a question posted 5 years ago yet the best response has less than 100 views. It may indicate that the question isn’t popular. That means that you may also not get a high number of views for the same question.

How to make money on Quora- followers

You can also consider the number of people following a question. For example, the question in the screenshot below had 7.5k followers. This implies that if you also write an answer to it, similar people would wish to see your opinion on the subject. However, it’s important that you also consider the events already passed. For example, an answer on predictions of who will win the world cup in 2020 may not be relevant in 2021. Despite the fact that it may have a huge following and views, it may not count in the next 2 months after the events are passed.

Links in your answers

Affiliate marketers and bloggers often insert links in their answers. This is one way of redirecting Quora traffic to your website or product vendor. It works well for many people. I’m not saying it’s easy. But it is that simple. If it was easy, everyone would do it, but most won’t.

To insert your links, you only need to select the anchor text and hyperlink just as you do in word. To illustrate how you do it, see the image below.

How to make money on Quora, hyperlinking

It’s advisable that if you need to insert links in your answer, place only 2 links out of 10 answers you provide. Otherwise, the Quora system may mark you as a spammer and even if you offer quality answers, your views may not be high. Sometimes, you can write a strong call to action and direct your readers to check the website link as it is in the profile. Your profile should have your profile link which can also be inserted using the simple steps detailed below

Go to the profile section, click edit then select anchor text to hyperlink. Save the changes and you’re done.

image 7
How to make money on Quora

Number of followers in Quora spaces

Having already mentioned that you can share your answer in Quora spaces to attract more views and upvotes, it’s important that you don’t share in all groups. Consider the suitability of your answer to the topics in that group. Additionally, you need to consider the number of people following the group. Always assume that only 1% of the followers will view your content. Such spaces have moderators who will check your content before approving. One of the spaces I follow which gives a high number of views is shown here.

How to make money on Quora- Best spaces to follow

It’s important to note that most moderators will not accept content with links. Most spaces are created to educate or entertain followers. Your content should also follow the stipulated space rules.

Quora Rules

You may have come across people complaining that the Quora partnership program is a scam. It’s simply because they violated some stipulated rules and expected no penalty. Listen, this is someone’s business and as you know, a business is not a democracy. You’re paid commission and you either do what is needed or look for an alternative. Quora always flag questions and answers that are against their policies. Most victims of these penalties always click on the “agree with all terms” before reading the content. However, I advise that you check the policies page before joining the program.

The rules of Quora are very simple and can be summarized in one word, respect. You don’t need to go against the GDPL and you’ll cross paths with the moderators.

Can you use Quora for full-time making money?

This question depends on several factors. If you’re an established online business, it’s important to diversify your sources of income. In fact, the largest active traffic is on Facebook but there’s something more special about Quora. If you’re using both Quora partner program and as your source of organic traffic, you can check the rate of conversion. Since you know your financial goals, if that’s sufficient then you can use Quora as your full-time source of living. However, for those who are working from home as a full-time digital nomad, you can look for alternatives.

Some of the Quora alternatives include Reddit and Medium.


The question on how to make money on Quora is now answered. However, it’s nothing for me if you have all the knowledge and don’t apply. It’s time to start the process and drop your testimonials on how Quora has helped you to make more money online. You can also follow my Quora space for more insights. To get the best SEO tools at the cheapest prices, please check Toolsurf now while offers last.

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