Decorating Nursery

New Parenting Guide While Decorating A Nursery

Decorating a nursery for your newborn baby can be very exciting and daunting at the same time, especially when you’re the first parent.

But, you don’t need to worry about anything as there are plenty of well-wishers like us, who will shower you with inspirational advice on parenting.

Don’t wince! You only need to pretend to take it all in, and simply refer to our one-stop guide for a beautiful and safe nursery look.

1. No Shortcuts while buying a crib


Don’t hesitate while invest in a crib for your baby. It may seem heavy on your pocket but it would be cheaper than changing furniture as your little angel grows.

2. Safety First

Always ensure that the crib comes with a sturdy guard rail before bringing it to the home. Also, check for hazardous paint or polish and sharp edges since babies chew on the rail as their teeth started to grow. This will even help you to create a safe zone for your baby.

3. A Nursing Chair

A nursery chair should be the second priority of your shopping list from rocking your baby to feeding, playing, sleeping, cuddling, or even more beautiful moments.

Remember to throw in an ottoman to stretch your legs while spending quality time with your little one.

4. Soft & Bright Lights

Since your baby spends his/her first year sleeping most of the time, it would be better to consider the right nursery light. Avoid too much lighting as it tends to hurt them. However, neglecting the bright lights completely can also be ill-advised, especially when you need to look for something or while changing.

Therefore, you can simply install a combination of bright and soft lights that will help them to stay in their comfort zone.

5. It’s All About Color

Forget blues and pink, and simply throw gender stereotypes out of the window! You can pick from a palette of eclectic violets, greens, and bright yellows or mix some neutral colors with a few bright shades to go Technicolor.

If you would prefer more subtle walls, sticking to pastel hues and focusing more on the décor can be the right way to enhance the overall look of your baby’s nursery.

Wall art and vinyl, photo frames, stuffed toys, story books, and there are plenty of endless options to avail.

6. Diaper Table Makes Nappy Change a Breeze

To make your nappy change less trying, we would like you to opt for the smart changing station by installing the diaper table that includes various storage cabinets to keep essentials within arm’s reach.


Always think safe and organize not childish while decorating the nursery for your newborn. It can be a great idea to treat your babys room like the rest of the other rooms, and not stray too much from the different themes.

In addition, always choose good paint while painting the walls of your baby’s nursery keeping his/her health in mind or slect real paitngs online at  canvas art paintings

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