Privacy policy

This privacy policy is to help you understand how slaves of intelligence intend to use the information you provide and the measures put in place to protect this personal information.

Slaves of intelligence strive to ensure that all visitors to the website have protection on their information. Any personal information that you disclose at our request or otherwise, we can only use following the terms agreed on, and no third parties will access this information.

While updating our website and services, the terms of this policy may change from time to time. It is imperative that you look out for these changes to avoid any future issues. Slaves of intelligence regulate the effectiveness of this privacy policy.

The information that we collect

During our interaction with you, to serve you better, we may require that you provide us with the following personal details:

  1. Official name
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number (Optional)

Purpose of this information

Slaves of intelligence assure all visitors that all the information requested is not for malicious use, we require this information to help us serve you better and also:

  1. To help us improve our services and products
  2. To keep detailed records
  3. To send you promotional information and any other relevant information like new products that we think would be of interest to you
  4. To contact you via the contact you have provided to conduct market research which in turn helps us adjust the website to suit your interests and satisfy your needs better.

We want to ensure clients that the information they provide will not be used for any other purposes besides those listed above without their consent to the use.

Security of the information

Our top priority is ensuring that the information you provide is protected and secure. We work to prevent any disclosure of the information to any third parties by putting up electronic systems that safeguard your contact information.


Our systems have both physical and electronic protection measures that ensure that we do not risk the possibility of getting hacked. If our data is compromised, we ensure that all our customers’ private information is protected and does not fall into the hands of cyber terrorists.

Web cookies and beacons

A cookie is a file that asks your permission to embed itself on your hard drive. Cookies help to sort through web traffic and notifies you of the sites that you visit. Through cookies, applications will respond to individuals uniquely, and therefore your needs can be identified, and the applications can adjust according to your preferences and interests. You can opt to accept or decline cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. Rejecting the file, however, may hinder you from reaching the full extent that the website can provide.

Slaves of intelligence use cookies to analyze data about the traffic on web pages to tailor our site to suit the needs of our clients. The information we collect through cookies, we only utilize as statistical data which the site removes after collecting the data that we need to improve our site.

Cookies help monitor your web activity and make it easy to find out which pages you frequent and those that you do not like. Accepting to have cookies in no way endangers the data on your computer since no one can access your computer.

Other website links

Through the products and services that we offer, there may be links to other websites on our site. Once you click on these links, you leave our page and are no longer under the protection of our privacy policy and terms of use. It is important that you know any content and risks involved in visiting these sites do not reflect on us and our services. We have no control over what other pages provide. Visit other sites at your sole risk.

Control over your information

We respect your needs and the information that you provide. You have the right to control how this information is used and check how the website intends to use the information. You can restrict the utilization of the data by:

Clicking on the option that limits the use of your information for direct marketing. When you fill out a form or provide your personal details for any reason, ensure that you put this restriction on your data. Any time that you change your mind on how the data you have provides us should be used, ensure to contact us to effect those changes.

To make sure that the information we have about you is accurate, you can contact us to find out the data we have on you. If you require a copy of the information, we can send you one. Any information that we hold and is incorrect, we will rectify immediately once you raise the issue.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure

Our website will under no circumstance sell, lease or provide your personal details to anyone without your permission. The only other exception is if the law requires it. We may contact you for offers, surveys, promotions, and notifications of new products.

This privacy policy also serves to protect us. Any documents, data, information and business operations, any of our information that we may disclose to you or you learn of is protected under this policy. By agreeing to this policy, you acknowledge that you are liable for any of our information that you distribute, lease, or sell to third parties or competitors. All our information should be confidential, and you can only use the information for the purposes that this agreement permits.

Disclosing this information will attract a lawsuit against you. Through this privacy policy, you agree that any damages or losses that we incur as a result of you disclosing our valuable details are solely your liability and will be required to face a monetary penalty to pay for the damages or adhere to the court directive.

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