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Social Web Suite- Grab Hold of the Web

Social Web Suite- Grab Hold of the Web
Written by Denis

It’s no secret that Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. According to the Statista, there are 1.88 billion active daily users. What this means is that there is no more vital marketing platform for businesses who want their products and services to be seen by as many people as possible. And this is only one social media site; with Twitter and LinkedIn, an overwhelming percentage of the world’s population get their news, product information, and updates about their interests from social media.

Enter Social Web Suite, a social media marketing platform that provides deep integration for social media pages, as well as WordPress. The goal of this software is to make managing multiple pages for your business as straightforward as possible, allowing much more efficient posting, and a better way to see results from all your social media marketing efforts. Modern marketers must rely on analytics—tracking which posts or links or advertisements receive the most attention—so they can inform businesses about where to concentrate their efforts.

Social Web Suite provides the convenience of a social media manager like scheduling posts at certain times or putting a single posts across multiple pages and multiple with one entry. Also included is a convenient URL (web address) shortened that replaces the sometimes long and unsightly URLs used for some links with shorter versions that encourage users to click. You can then focus these posts with format changes such as hashtags that are always included for posts of a certain type.

Many marketers will tell you that there are certain times when the activity on social media sites is higher than others. Facebook, for example, has the highest traffic in the middle of the week between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, presumably when people are looking to scroll on their lunch breaks, but users are more likely to click on posts in the evenings, between 6:00 and 8:00 pm, when they’ve settled in after work and are willing to engage. You can use this information to schedule different types of posts using Social Media Suite, like posting quick-read posts during the weekday lunch rush and engaging page links during the evening that direct users to deeper information about your company.

The WordPress integration is especially handy as well because you can schedule Social Web Suite to update your social media sites with new information each time a page or its content is changed on your official site. This allows marketers a much more efficient and accurate way to make sure a company’s message is consistent across all platforms, and it removes the headache of trying to update all these social media sites individually.

You can also include featured images that give your social media posts even greater visibility, particularly on Twitter and Facebook where provocative imagery is usually the difference between users stopping to click and continuing to scroll. These updates can then be divided by category—i.e., promotions, sales, giveaways—for even more control over how and when posts are shared on your social media pages. Social Media Suite takes all these often time-consuming and complicated marketing strategies and combines them into a focused interface.

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