21 Best Strategies to Make Money Online without investment in 2021

21 ways to make money online in 2021 exposed

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Forget about the tactics, hacks, and crap scattered all over the internet. Rather, you need to focus on the best strategies to make money online daily. You’re probably glued to this piece because you’re looking for financial independence online.

You might have tried several methods to earn a few bucks online but they ended up not materializing. I was once in your shoes and you’re neither the first nor last! You could be desiring to live a life where you’re not controlled by your boss, right?

Listen, you’re probably sending out your resume to other companies because you’re not comfortable with your current work environment, pay, team, or terms of engagement. Maybe you desire to live a life without office politics, no more waking up early to beat the traffic jam. Better still, you could desire to continue with your 9-5 job and earn extra bucks. I’m not here to tell you to burn your resume now. You will decide that on your own and for now, keep it safe.

I have something that I can’t keep to myself. I have to share it with you. And it’s about the best strategies to make money online without investment. Sometimes, you can opt to invest a few bucks to boost your income but then even if you don’t have capital, you can do it.

What’s the point of having great knowledge and keeping it to yourself?

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Why Make Money Online?


Let me begin with a simple question. What will you do if you earn an extra $1,000 by working for 1-2 hours daily for only one month? Wow! Won’t it change your current lifestyle? A college student once told me this will answer all his life questions. How about you?

You could go for a vacation, buy house appliances, save to buy a house or car, invest in crypto, purchase new clothes, pay your tuition fee, pay your health insurance and the list is endless. Depending on your needs and desires, you can choose what to do next. Let me know what you could do with this, it’s your hard-earned money! You don’t have to break a bank to get such an amount, it’s just a click away.

You could probably be a beginner who’s looking for extra bucks. Probably a student, an employee, or a stay-at-home mom. Let me reduce your expectation, if you’re a beginner and can earn an extra $200/month by working online, will it make any difference?

I’m not here to sell online courses or eBooks with tricks and hacks for you, let that sink in first. My objective is to teach you how to go about the best strategies to make money online. Here’s a disclaimer! There are those who would rather steal your hard-earned online bucks than work, beware of such people.

Beware of Online scammers

Have you heard of someone or could you be the one who was conned after delivering an online job? Your efforts to contact the support team may also be futile. I encountered this after submitting online assignments to students as a freelancer. Online scams are real and they can discourage you. You may have also heard or experienced the following cases of online scams;

  • Lost money on a crypto website (new tricks)
  • Hackers wiped all your bank account savings after you made an online purchase with your credit card
  • Bought some online money making course only to find it having outdated content
  • A victim of scams who request registration fee to access course contents only to find nothing meaningful
  • Lost money on Ponzi schemes that promises revenue by referring students
  • Bought an online software only to realize it’s not delivering
  • Counting losses for investing on an online stock market
  • Ordered goods that were never shipped
  • The quality of goods delivered don’t match the advertised goods
  • Bought a fancy ranking tool only for your business to fail

I’m sorry for such a bad online experience. All the above scenarios will never encourage you to continue with your search for financial independence online. In fact, you might reconsider employment or starting your own brick-and-mortar store. I’m not against any of these. However, if you keep pressing on, with persistence and resilience, you will earn money online. I’m a victim of such circumstances.

Personal experiences

My first experience was when I worked for a website called Bubblews, you only had to post any content, and the more likes and comments it received, the more your earnings. To cut the long story short, the website no longer exists and I’m still waiting for my payments.

That’s a setback that would make one lose hope right? But I didn’t, that’s why rather than telling you my success story, my failures will give you more lessons. That’s why I’m here to give you the best strategies for making money online in this digital age.

A very close friend (permitted the use of story) also recently tried to trade crypto coins on Binance. Binance is one of the best platforms for trading cryptos by the way. However, he wanted quick money and he bumped into a con. This is the most recent.

Let me try to be brief. This man called himself “verified” and his real name was ROGER NAZUAN GODFREY. At that time, BNB was being sold at $320, and here’s someone who’s willing to pay almost double the price. But on a condition! He would transfer the money to my friend’s bank and since it’s an international transfer, it could take 2-3 hours to reflect. He was to only send a screenshot of the transaction and my friend release the coins.

My friend was duped and here’s the transaction completed. Avoid such traps if you go for such trades.

Cryptocurrency as one of the strategies to make money online

Hard or Easy strategies to make money online?

All I want is that you learn from my mistakes. Don’t fall victim to such scams. I also trade crypto coins on Binance and I’ve earned a substantial amount of money. However, take caution. Scams are everywhere. My friend had chosen an easy path to make money and the result was a terrible failure. Here’s the good news though.

You can work and make online money while at home if you use some of these strategies that I’m about to mention. Especially during this pandemic period, you need alternative sources of money. Suppose you’re a student and looking for a way to get extra bucks for upkeep, I have the best strategies to make money online which I can’t hold from you.

Please note that these are NOT get-rich-quickly or Ponzi schemes where you’re promised success overnight. Some of these approaches will require your dedication while some are easy while you may or may not need to use your money for the beginning. If you want more money, go for the hard tactics, otherwise, the easy ways will also earn you online money, but your audience should be larger.

Time is money

Your most valuable resource, time, will be utilized to its upper limit for you to achieve the desired results. Seeing is believing and here’s a proven record of my online earnings. Let me show you my Upwork earnings and you can check my profile to verify the information anytime. I mean, these are not photoshopped.

Please, don’t think I’m bragging. I know friends who have earned more than what I’m displaying here. All I’m trying to do is to open your eyes and let you know that it’s possible to earn if you use the right strategies to make money online.

Upwork profile as strategies to make money online

The following are guaranteed ways to make money online, the payments will mostly be channeled through PayPal or other preferred methods. In case you’re under 18 years and having challenges with registering PayPal, it’s advisable that you link your email address to your parent’s or friend’s account. Otherwise, check these methods that could work for you.

1. Participate in online surveys

Slaves of Intelligence Background and strategies to make money online
Image courtesy: Active participant in an online survey

One of the simplest and best strategies to make money online is participation in online surveys. Surveys are conducted daily for research purposes. However, to get a substantial amount of money, you need to participate in several online surveys. This strategy to make money online comes on our top list because of its simplicity and widespread use. Some of the platforms with a proven history of offering online surveys where you can register include;

There are some platforms that place a higher limit for withdrawals. You can do further research on online survey platforms before deciding on the best platforms to focus your energy. Remember that to get a decent amount of money, you need to participate in several surveys.

Some of the surveys may not require answers for people from your country, you need to keep checking or subscribe to their contact list. You may not need to know what the online survey companies do with the information, but the truth is, some of them sell your contacts to relevant companies. If you won’t mind much, actively participate in online paid surveys to earn extra bucks.

2. Tutoring students online

Tutoring from Slaves of Intelligence as strategies to make money online
Image courtesy: Student on online class session

Platforms such as Chegg will give opportunities for you to help students with their homework, project proposals, research work, dissertations, and other academic journals. Many students are making a fortune by helping other students to crack their homework. I’ve also done this on Upwork and here are my sample earnings that’s why I had to list it as one of the strategies to make money online.

image 17
image 18
image 19

Again, the main purpose of having these images isn’t to hoot my horns. I know several people who have earned more and are paid more per hour than I did. Sample websites where you can tutor students or handle assignments include;

3. Writing blogs and articles

Brainstorming session during blog writing, one of the strategies to make money online
Image Courtesy: Brain-storming session before writing a blog

Online marketplaces such as Upwork will give you a favorable condition to bid for tasks of copywriting. Upwork charges 20% of the fee you request, but recently, they brought an option where if you bring your own client, the fee is not charged to you. In case you work with a client and earn over $500, the platform fee reduces by half, ie 10%. Notably, when you earn over $10,0000 from the same client, your fee reduces to 5%.

Can you write a compelling landing page that will convert visitors to customers? Are you a talented writer looking for a place to earn extra bucks online? Take the initiative and sign up to write both blogs and articles as a freelancer. Most of the platforms will allow the use of PayPal for payments.

Some platforms allow you to write and submit quality content then they compensate you. One of the websites where I earned much through article writing is Upwork. Check here now

image 20

In a period of less than a year, I earned over $16,000 while writing articles. That’s a clear indicator that this is one of the proven strategies to make money online. Some of the platforms for those interested in article and blog writing include;

4. Affiliate marketing

You can promote products and services of eCommerce stores such as Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, CJ, or any other online store and earn a commission. Always choose your niche and specialize. It’s advisable to have your website for better performance otherwise you can go for other sites such as Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and conduct your campaigns.

The advantage of having your website is that you’re free to post and no restrictions. However, other sources such as Quora may delete your posts if you have too many links in your posts. The system may recognize you as a spammer. If you’re able and willing to follow the stipulated rules of a website for your affiliate marketing, then you don’t need a website. Affiliate marketing is also one of the best strategies to make money online which has been projected to soon rise by almost double its current value in the next five years.

Affiliate marketing as one of the strategies to make money online

The best strategy to make money online through affiliate marketing would be to combine your affiliate marketing campaigns both on your website and other websites.

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways I can say it’s ‘hard” since you have to commit time for research and the art of persuasion. Your role is solely to market a product even if there are other cheaper options in the market. You have to think beyond the price tag of an item, although I don’t mean you completely ignore it.

Other than the affiliate commissions, you can also get other money through adverts on your web pages. Here is where Google Adsense comes in handy. Our most recent publication on affiliate marketing will also guide you in your search for financial freedom online.

5. Email and SMS marketing

Another rising form of digital marketing is email marketing and the most recent form is SMS marketing. All you need is to build an email list, send a compelling offer to your mail contacts and watch the magic. Please don’t bombard your contacts on the first day with an offer, you have to learn your customer curve. Additionally, you need to update your mail list preferably after every six months. You’ll learn detailed concepts such as A/B testing and probably opt to purchase software for the effective running of your errands. You may find our product reviews and tips/facts resourceful when deciding on the best email marketing software to use.

6. Transcription and Translation

Some companies strictly need 100% human translation. Thanks to such organizations, despite the rise of Artificial Intelligence, they still employ people instead of machines. You must know the original language of the file and the desired language for translation.

To keep a good relationship with your client, never use machine for translation. There are platforms where you can download audio files and transcribe as a strategy to make money online. It could also be a video file. Below are some of the websites where you can get transcription jobs.

7. Downloading apps

Do you know that developers around the globe are uploading their apps on Appstore and Google Playstore awaiting you to download and write a review? Some developers pay people to download their apps since it increases their chances of earning. You can do this and I know it’s simple! The only challenge could be that some developers would want only app user from a certain part of the world

8. Trade on Stocks and Cryptocurrencies

Digital money as crypto may be referred to is gaining track. Platforms such as Binance offer you the opportunity to trade all coins available. People assume that the only coin is Bitcoin. Advance your research and buy other volatile coins, especially during a market crash. You can also trade on stocks, bonds, and precious metals like silver and gold.

There are many websites for trading crypto coins. I’ve tried three platforms and there are many reasons that make me prefer Binance. Here’s a platform where you can trade per to peer at no transactional fee. You also have several people trading anytime.

Binance trading as strategies to make money online

Remember, Bitcoin is not the only crypto coin. There are several coins with a good return on investment. In fact, Binance as a platform also has its coin called Binance Coin (BNB). Do you know that if you invested $100 on 1st January 2017 on Ethereum, by May 2021 you’ll be counting its equivalent of over $400,000? That’s an ROI of almost 400,000% and it sounds unrealistic.

At the time of making this publication, there’s an ongoing market crash and almost everyone talks of Dogecoin and Elon Musk. If ever there’s the best time to buy cryptos, it’s during the market crashes. Besides, you can venture into crypto mining. You go deeper, to the source of the coins. Although this is a deeper subject that blockchain experts can give guidance on.

9. Surfing the internet

Platforms such as qmee allow users from countries such as the UK, US, Canada, and Australia to surf, click ads, and be paid. You must be at least 13 years old and this is not the only available option. As initially stated, if you’re below 18 years and want payment through PayPal, add your email address to your parent’s, friend’s, or relative’s account. If you wanted to know the easiest of all the strategies to make money online, then I confirm, it’s through surfing the internet.

Paid to surf, easy strategies to make money online

Other websites that will pay you for surfing include

  • Inbox Dollars
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Wonder
  • Swagbucks
  • Smart Panel
  • MobileXpression
  • MyPoints
  • CashCrate
  • FusionCash
  • AskWonder
  • Bing Rewards
  • Clickworker
  • MicroSoft Rewards
  • UpVoice

10. Answering questions on QA platforms

Quora and Reddit are some of the popular online Question & Answer platforms. Do you know that if you set up a quora space, build large followers then you can begin earning from your space? The option is limited to users from some countries, please confirm your country. I’ve written a detailed guide on how to make money from Quora and you can always refer to it.

11. Youtube

You can start earning money by uploading quality videos on youtube. That sounds simple until you do it yourself. You can also insert your affiliate links in the description or comment section of your videos. Then you can earn a few bucks when people view, like, or download your content. Please consider that some affiliate programs require that you must put a disclaimer for those clicking to know what they are actually doing. Otherwise, you may be banned from a program and I won’t feel happy for you. You need to offer new content that keeps viewers coming to your channel and check for more.

12. Data Entry

Do you have basic excel knowledge? That’s your starter pack, you don’t have to know much about statistics. Neither do you need advanced excel knowledge. It’s just an added advantage, otherwise, you can get jobs on websites such as freelancer and earn your money online. Data entry is one of the best strategies to make money online. Websites such as Freelancer predominantly have hundred of data entry jobs posted by clients.

13. Web Design

You could be thinking of an online venture and need to set up your website. If you don’t know the process, from purchasing a domain name, hosting and launch of the website, don’t worry. There are those who do this daily and have gained a wide client base. Equally, you could be the one offering such services, market your skills on relevant platforms and earn money online. Some of the latest web design trends featured on this website may help you in the process.

14. Guest posting articles

The appearance of your website link, whether full article/interview featuring the founders or comments has an effect on the page ranking. You can choose to write high-quality content related to your client’s niche and guest post on Forbes, New York Times, USA Today, Ib Times, Market Business News, Digital Connect Mag, or other reputable magazines and websites relevant to your niche.

15. White hat SEO

You can specialize to improve Google’s ranking for clients. The technique involves embedding video in articles, optimizing images, using Yoast SEO to check if the article meets SEO requirements and other criteria. You will need tools such as MOZ, SEmRush, Jaaxy or other relevant for keyword search and checking your website ranking. If you need SEO tools at the cheapest rates compared to the primary websites, check here on Toolsurf.

At Toolsurf, you will save much. For example, Ahrefs costs $99/month but using Toolsurf, you’ll pay $6.99/month and the tools are legit.

16. Influencing

Influencers have already built their brand names. Think of popular musicians like Lady Gaga or any famous philanthropist. The moment these people open a Youtube channel, they attract a huge following. If you’re a fashion designer, you can open an Instagram channel. Think of opening a Tiktok account also if you’re a music enthusiast. Footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo can also open sports coaching Youtube channels. These people are sure of a huge following and their content will always go viral. If you’re reading this and you’re an influencer, act now and open a relevant channel to begin earning money.

17. Paid per Click

Companies pay for their adverts. They want their websites to appear on Google’s top page and for you to be motivated to click the ads, you’re also paid. There are some agencies and companies that specialize on paid per click, do in-depth research and work for them

18. Graphic Design

Do you know that there’s a new company now in search of a company logo? You can open a freelancing account with some of the already mentioned platforms such as Upwork and bid for gigs. Are you good at making animations? You’re on the right course, simply sign up on a reputable website and keep the good work. Send appealing proposals to your potential clients and you’ll thank me later.

19. Script Writing

Can you write a thrilling play? Is your greatest concern on how to get legit employers to work online? Could you be worried if the current trend where software are used for screenwriting? If any of your answers is yes, then this is your opportunity to try websites that also need human know-how in scriptwriting. Several clients are available on Upwork for similar tasks, you can check their gigs.

20. Ebook writing as one of the strategies to make money online

You can write either short or long ebooks and sell them online. Amazon Kindle also gives you an opportunity to educate or entertain the world through books. You can also pick ebook writing gigs on freelancing platforms aforementioned. Writing ebooks is one of the ways of educating the world. There’s hidden wisdom in books. Personally, I read close to books annually on different subjects. You never know, maybe I’ll be your client.

21. App and Web Reviews

To close our list today, you’ve seen new products after launch and the product developers want online visibility. They sometimes opt to pay people to review their products. You can frequently check the latest products in the market whose developers need reviews. It may also be linked with affiliate marketing where you could decide to review a product to help your traffic.

The Bottom Line for Strategies to Make Money Online

Developing a working system that generates online money even when you aren’t working should be your final focus. I’d encourage you to invest your time in such methods which include digital marketing. Whenever software can assist and the client permits the use, utilize such technology to make your work easy. To say the least, I know it’s not much and I earned over $14k in less than three months through freelancing on Upwork. The point is, there’s money online, it’s time you tap it.

image 24

Our main motivation is to see you prosper. You can also comment on your experience of working online and implementing some of these strategies to make money online. You may motivate someone. Put a smile on someone’s gloomy face today. It’s a world where sharing is caring.

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