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Are you looking for Supreme Court lawyers to support your court case? Do you want someone to guide you with the judicial process? Are you not sure how to handle police and the process of the Indian Judicial system? Then, getting the best criminal lawyer in Delhi is the best solution. The Criminal lawyers provide the best legal support and assist you in moving around the judicial system neatly without any issues. You can get out of the legal mess in quick time and positively with the Criminal Lawyers in Delhi NCR. The lawyers in Delhi are equipped to take up any kind of legal matters. Irrespective of whether it’s a complex case or simple one, the approach adopted by the best criminal lawyer in Delhi is the same. The cases are handled systematically with no pressure passed on to the client.

Criminal Lawyers offer speciality assistance The best part about Criminal lawyer in Delhi is that they can handle any Criminals cases covering – white collar crimes, criminal breach of trust, cheating, FIR, Bail, private complaints, sexual harassment, human rights harassment, trial law, criminal writs, appeals, revisions, drug violations, banking frauds, property cases, IP cases and many more. Once you have engaged thebest criminal lawyer in Delhi you can be rest assured that your cases will be completed on time.

Besides, the services offered by Criminal Lawyers cover:

  • Legal guidance and assistance in advance on the success rate of a case.
  • Legal assistance in registration of police complaints and FIR.
  • Supporting the client in the filing of complaint with the magistrate under various sections covering 200, 190, 156 (3) criminal procedure 1973.
  • Support services in representing clients in the trial before the court.
  • Supporting clients in filing a petition.
  • Helping clients in defending criminal complaints and many more as per need.

Besides getting the best possible decision for clients, the Lawyers in Delhi region also help in getting the right compensation. They are versed in handling police and the dynamics of the judicial system in India. Hence, success is guaranteed with Criminal lawyers in Delhi. The highly experienced team of lawyers analyse the case from different angles and safeguard the client from any unexpected turn around. Counter arguments and evidence are prepared by the skilled lawyers in such a way that the magistrate gets convinced in the first attempt of the case.

Don’t ever compromise on the right Criminal Lawyer for your case. Getting the finest can help you in guarding you from any uncertainties. In addition, the lawyers in Delhi are One Stop Platform for any legal cases. The best part about the criminal lawyers in Delhi is that the initial counselling to understand the case is completely free. There is no obligation from clients to pay any fees initially. The Supreme Court Advocate handles every case with mutual trust and offers the best service which is time bound and cost bound. Transparency and trust are the two key mottos offered by the best criminal lawyers in Delhi.

The 10 Best Delhi Lawyers for Supreme Court Case:

Sidhant Dhingra : The firm is headed by Mr. Sidhant Dhingra (Advocate) who is best known as Criminal Defence Lawyer. He actively practices at the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi and all District Courts in Delhi.

Fali S. Nariman : He is considered one of the most accomplished constitutional lawyers in India and has appeared in many important cases, particularly in civil liberties and human rights law.

K.K. Venugopal : He is a senior advocate and one of the most respected lawyers in the country. He has appeared in many landmark cases and has served as the attorney general of India.

Soli Sorabjee : He is a senior advocate and former attorney general of India, known for his expertise in constitutional law and human rights.

Gopal Subramanium : He is a senior advocate and former solicitor general of India, known for his expertise in constitutional law and commercial law.

Rajeev Dhavan : He is a senior advocate and leading constitutional lawyer, known for his expertise in minority rights and secularism.

T.R. Andhyarujina : He is a senior advocate and former attorney general of India, known for his expertise in constitutional law and commercial law.

C.U. Singh : He is a senior advocate and leading criminal lawyer, known for his expertise in criminal law and human rights.

Mukul Rohatgi : He is a senior advocate and former attorney general of India, known for his expertise in commercial law and constitutional law.

Arvind Datar : He is a senior advocate and leading commercial lawyer, known for his expertise in intellectual property law, competition law, and arbitration.

These are some of the best lawyers in Delhi for Supreme Court cases, but it’s important to note that there are many other talented and accomplished lawyers in the city as well. It’s recommended to conduct further research, speak with multiple lawyers and select the one that you feel most comfortable working with and have confidence in their ability to handle your case effectively.

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