What are the Most Popular Finishes for Interior Door Hardware? 

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Are you considering upgrading your door handles or hardware? To achieve the best outcomes, it is recommended to choose the best finish for your door handles. Just like selecting the right wallpaper, paint, or even flooring materials, smaller accents like door hardware will play a major role in improving the overall atmosphere of your house.  

Whether you choose a lever handle or a doorknob, the finish of the door hardware will help in bringing the best out of the available space. With a wide range of options for door handle finishes, deciding the best one for your home can be overwhelming.  

The Most Popular Finishes for Door Hardware 

Amongst some of the most popular ones are those are form a part of the latest door hardware trends -including matte black, brass, chrome, and others. You can get access to versatile options at a leading provider like Mantara to accentuate the décor of your home. Each door hardware finish will have a unique style to appear stunning in any interior setting. Some of the leading options for door handle finish are: 

#Matt Blacks 

Matte black is famous for the creation of a unique look with its sleek and stylish appearance. The finish is also highly versatile for your interiors. Black door hardware is helpful in creating a highly elegant look based on the room in which you install the same. It serves as an attractive backdrop for other hardware as well. Therefore, it is a leading choice amongst homeowners and designers alike while renovating doors.  

The darker tones of matt black finishes depict wrong-iron details. Therefore, it is an excellent fit for conventional home designs. Still, it also helps in the creation of a highly contemporary appearance with a monochromatic or minimalistic décor. Matt black finishes for door hardware appear particularly well when paired with other hardware materials like nickel or brass. 


Another leading finish is chrome for door hardware like door handles. Chrome features a sleek and versatile look that helps in creating a contrast look while appearing great for any décor -be it your bathroom or bedroom. Due to the neutral-toned, silvery finish, it is capable of blending seamlessly with various other household appliances, fixtures, and fittings. 

Chrome finishes for door handles and knobs are available in both satin and polished chrome. Therefore, as you choose this silver-based door handle finish for your home, it imparts a luxurious touch naturally. The only drawback of chrome finish is that there is the absence of warm undertones. When you pair the same with a designer wallpaper or paint, it can impart a warm appearance.  

  • Polished Chrome: This finish takes its inspiration from the period of Art Décor. Therefore, it features a bright and eye-catching finish. Polished chrome is known to pair effectively with a minimalistic, modern style for creating a stylish and contemporary look. The mirrored, smooth finish seamlessly coordinates with white or neutral walls and doors while introducing ample light to any interior design.  
  • Satin Chrome: The finish imparts an exceptionally contemporary feel while accommodating understated and simple spaces. A satin chrome and subtle finish will blend seamlessly with most common designs and styles. Therefore, it is especially popular amongst commercial applications. In residential properties, satin chrome finish blends beautifully with stainless steel applications. To top it all, the finish coordinates elegantly with natural wood and neutral tone details. 


Are you looking for something vintage-inspired? Brass door handles will serve as a great choice. Brass serves to be the alloy of copper and zinc -delivering a golden metallic finish along with a luxurious touch to your home décor. Common in vintage-style homes, the door handle finish is capable of providing a rich, antiqued appearance without appearing intensely formal. With undertones of amber and gold, it is a highly conventional finish that adjusts effectively in any given space. 

Perfect for classic and modern styles, brass serves to be a versatile finish that is capable of coordinating with multiple hardware products, accessories, and fixtures. Therefore, you are capable of easily blending door hardware for a vintage, cohesive design.  

  • Polished Brass: Door hardware in polished brass is a beautiful addition to any home décor. It helps in adding a touch of elegance and luxury while serving as a timeless finish. Most homeowners prefer the polished finish due to the timeless feel along with the ability to pair with any interior décor -whether traditional or contemporary.  
  • Antique Brass: It is a finish that functions well with highly conventional styles. It is a highly subtle finish than the polished variants -offering a highly uniform color tone. Antique brass is effectively treated to impart a unique look and a highly aged appearance. The treatment will feature a wide range of methods -like polishing, lacquering, and oxidation.  


Nickel door hardware is perfect for those who are looking for a sophisticated and elegant look for the home design. They are available in multiple sizes and shades -right from satin nickel to sleek polished finish and even contemporary black nickel. There is a unique style that will effectively be paired with any home décor.  

Nickel door handles also tend to be exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, there is minimal fear of damaging or dirtying them.  

How to Match the Door Hardware Throughout Your House? 

The door hardware you select is crucial as it will help in determining how elegant your house appears. It can be difficult to choose the right finish for door handles. At Mantara, you can get access to impressive door handles with the option to filter your search on the basis of types, finishes, availability, material, and so more. At Mantara, you can shop from a luxurious collection of attractive door hardware that last longer and enhance your home aesthetics. Discover the unique collection of door hardware in different finishes to suit your design preferences.

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