Yoonla Evolve Review: Scam or Legit Program to make money online?

Yoonla Evolve Review

Welcome to my Yoonla Evolve review. It’s rare to find people updating content of programs that were discontinued. However, Yoonla Evolve remains the first online money making program that rewarded me the first affiliate sales.

But haven’t you seen several Yoonla evolve reviews claiming that it’s a scam? Listen, you may end up confused if you’re looking for answer from fake gurus. And as a matter of fact, many fake gurus dominate the market.

Choose where you get honest and verified information.

Yoonla Evolve Review


Is It Really Possible To Make Money On Yoonla?

This is a question I also asked myself before joining the program and that’s why I’ve written this review on Yoonla Evolve.

I know by the time you’ve decided to read this Yoonla evolve review, you want to make extra bucks online. In fact, the dream of every digital nomad is to get a program where you just work from home and earn.

I know money doesn’t solve all problems, but if you can cut a check for a problem, that problem is solved. After all, tell me anybody who doesn’t like money and keeps working daily.

Truth be told, Yoonla Evolve is not the first opportunity you’re coming across. You may even be confused when you see millions of opportunities on the internet.

You may be asking yourself whether Yoonla evolve program is a scam or legit way to make money online. While you still linger about it, you can check my #1 recommendation on the best way to make money online.

When I decided to earn money online, seldom was I aware of the opportunities across the globe. But once I jumped into the well of online money making business, both, scam and legit opportunities were knocking my virtual door. I lost money to fake online ‘gurus’ who would promise to make me rich through their programs.

I’m sure your journey may not be the same if you often follow my blogs. Anyway, my failures taught me lessons. Then, I came across one website titled Yoonla CPA Foundation. That was in 2017.

IsYoonla Evolve legit or scam?

Is Yoonla legit online site for me to make money online?

Is it real? How is it possible?

I was filled with tons of questions and finally, I decided to try the same. I was destined to make mistakes while young.

After all, as a digital nomad and entrepreneur, I was willing to take all risks involved. To my surprise, on the first day itself, I accumulated few dollars!

Read further to get the complete Yoonla Evolve Review – like never before!

Let me confess that before joining I was not sure about its authenticity.

You know I’ve always mentioned how I lost some bucks on my online money making steps.

Initially, I was lethargic in signing up but in due course of the day “let me give it a try’ – thought popped up and I became the member of the same. And trust me, after the deep study, experience and working on Yoonla, I concluded that

This Site was Legit! Remember, I’ve used past tense because the program was discontinued and I had earned from it. Nobody in my circle ever went without receiving payment irrespective of the cumulative amount.

A Brief History Of Yoonla Evolve

Reno Van Boven founded this fabulous two-tiered affiliate money-making program, based out in New Zealand. He is a renowned online marketer with the successful implementation of various digital online programs.

Back then,you were entitled to a handsome commission when someone signs up for Yoonla Evolve program through your affiliate link. Also, you were paid when your referral climbs up the ladder to attain a VIP Member status.

But how to go ahead with Yoonla, when you decide to join – is a valid question in your mind!

You will be the proud owner of your affiliate link when you become a Yoonla Member. And, whoever signs up Yoonla program, through your link you will be paid a respectable commission. If the new member upgrades himself/herself to a VIP Member Status, you will be paid additional commission.

Sounds Good? Very Simple? Any Investment From Your Side? In order to get the maximum benefits of this program, nominal investment is expected. Remember, it is an investment, which means that you will get returns on the same!

Well, let me list down the benefits of Yoonla CPA Foundation program.

Not only you get paid on other’s signing up the program via your affiliate link and then upgrading to VIP member but also various other ways with this legit, authentic and genuine Affiliate Marketing Platform!

Even if you are a novice in make money online or a stalwart, this platform could be perfection beyond expectations in money-making business.

You get to know the complete knowledge on all types of leads that are necessary for your business. Learn with series of videos provided by Yoonla to expand your business not only to enhance your lead generation but also to convert these leads as your prospective buyers.

Once a member, you will get 3 highly in demand digital products to capture email addresses of the site visitors.

In order to get maximum benefits, Yoonla expected a small investment, which will fetch you a domain, auto-responder, and web hosting. Once done, the amicable and professional Yoonla team takes over to place the Yoonla products on the website. Is it not a fruitful investment that offers benefits not only to your Yoonla products but also other ventures as well!

Remember, across the world, unless you invest your part of the money you will never become a successful online marketer. You will surely agree that this rule applies to the offline world as well.

The entire investment in Yoonla was less than $19/month!     Yoonla offered very lucrative commission – up to $4 per lead generated – depending on the country. Yoonla had 3 basic commission pay-out structure.

High Commission – $4

Moderate Commission – $2

Zero Commission – Zero

How Payments were done?

The minimum payout was $199. You would get an instant credit to your PayPal account, once the Yoonla team authenticates and checks your account with all the valid leads.

It will be inappropriate to quote how much I earned on Yoonla platform, but I can confess – Excellent!

My PayPal account was always kept busy by Yoonla!

I am sure you want to give it a try after reading my Yoonla Review.  Unfortunately, the program was ended in 2019. The founder now works as the CEO of Upscale Consulting Ltd, Founder of AppSprout and Agency 678. Here’s a sad message from the website which still receives traffic till date.

Yoonla Evolve Review

Such a heartbreaking message but like any other business, Yoonla had to move on. Yoonla now joins other websites such as Bubblews that was also a platform for making money online. But there’s another option called Builderall but you’ll need to pay only $1 to join. I don’t think it’s much, try it

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